Sago Exclusive

Nothing can comfort your back while you sleep better than a Sago Exclusive mattress. Especially designed to support your back at all the vulnerable spots, the 6 inch pillow top mattress is built with incredibly fine layers of Rebonded Foam, Comfort Flexi-Foam and finished with knitted imported fabric with Foam Quilting. Set apart in quality and comfort, the mattress enjoys 11 years guarantee and offers unmatched relief from back pain and stiffness.



Dreams Orthopaedic mattresses are designed to achieve perfect balance between support and comfort by distributing the body weight evenly. This reduces the stress on the back, neck andjoints by alleviating pressure points thus maintaining proper posture leading to de-stressing of the spine night after night.Now say bye bye to stiffness upon waking.

Dreams back-care range is made from high density PUF to provide enhanced lumbar support. While its quilted fabric on cover is soft to ensure high comfort during rest. It is also treated for superior hygiene.

Healthy features

Highest quality standards in the mattress industry

Supports the natural shape of your spine, while you sleep

Helps relieve pressure from your shoulders, hips, arms, knees and heels

Conforms to the five body zones