Onyx Pillow Top -12 inches

Luxury redefined: A premium bonnel spring mattress delivering unmatched quality of sleep on its 12 inches fluffy surface. OYNX Pillow Top 300mm is made up of impeccable foam and fabric and cutting-edge technique to create a wholesome experience for its user. Its high density foam padding offers a bigger sleeping surface while the high carbon heat tempered steel springs ensure the desired bounce as you lie on it. With an added pillow top layer for supreme comfort and other exuberant features, this mattress not just comes with a guarantee of 10 years but also promises you maximum comfort and spinal support.



Our uncompromising standards help us in building our spring mattress range. All assembly is done scientifically, ensuring the highest quality. Working on best of the techniques, spring range of Dreams mattresses provides a deep sense of comfort, excellent softness, flexibility and durability. This range is so exquisite in its revelation; it makes your dreams come to life.

Bonnel Spring Mattresses

Good air permeability and impact resistance

Its softness and the strength to support body are more reasonable

It offers enough space for free movement and easy