Mint Plus

Ever wished for a cozy bed that makes you feel absolutely relaxed as you lie down on it? The 5 inch Mint mattress will bring your wish to life through its admirable design and super-comfort multi-layer built. Offering amazing support to your spine through its new-age technology, the mattress in a splendid combination of High Resilience Layer, Rebonded Layer, Comfort Layer and an outermost layer of superfine glazed cotton fabric with Foam Quilting. Protected against sagging, MINT is highly durable and comes with 7 years guarantee; true value for money indeed!



Designed on the principles of Feng-Shui, Cozy range invites you to pleasure filled moments and restful sleep. It offers moments of creativity, innovative thinking, inspiration and faster recovery for body.

Designed to conform to natural S-Shape spine, while sleeping

New generation mattress

Perfect blend of PU and Re-bonded foams

Multi-layer mattress preventing sagging thus durable

You don’t feel sweaty

You stay dry and comfortable all night