Hazel Plus Pillow Top

10 inches of unparalleled comfort wrapped in a super fine knitted towel Jacquard Fabric with Foam Quilting, Hazel Plus Pillow Top gives a new meaning to comfort. Created using high-end pocket spring concept that successfully counters the sleeper’s weight and body form, the mattress keeps you away from partner disturbances such that you enjoy a deep sound sleep. It is composed of several layers of extra comfort foam and provides the perfect support to your spine. The 10 years guarantee speaks volumes about its quality and durability and makes it an undisputed choice for people who love to sleep undisturbed.



Pocket Spring Mattresses

Luxury series of highest count of finely tampered steel springs

Minimizes partner disturbance

Softer feel to body with optimum back support for spine

Cylindrical coil springs become an independent suspension system that counter person’s form and weight, thus providing unsurpassed support and comfor